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“It’s exciting to see so many groups from Nicaragua and the United states come together for such a specialized training” Rodney McDonald

Training is an important part of ERSLA’s mission. It is essential that all first response personnel have adequate equipment , training and resources in order to be the first point of call in any emergency and be able to deal with such emergency in the correct manner.
We not only solicit equipment for Firefighters in Nicaragua to use to save lives, but we are part of a strong network of Firefighters and other medical services that offer their time and knowledge to inspire and teacher others. Last week we were joined by two groups of Firefighters from the United States. Both the San Francisco Fire Department and Bend Fire Department, along with members of one of our sponsors, Rescue Response Gear offered their expertise and traveled to Northern Nicaragua to conduct Swift Water Rescue training.

It was exciting to see so many groups from Nicaragua and the United States come together for such a specialized training session. It is great to see the ideas we had to bring such specific needs to the country actually come to fruition.

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The firefighters from several cities in the North dedicated their time to participate in classes and training in a river . Even though many of the Firefighters had received training by the country for river rescue, some of the techniques were quite advanced during last weeks training, it was exciting to see how quickly they picked up on the details and participated as Firefighters from all stations in unison.

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ERLSA has proven to be a small organization with a huge impact. Every year we see advancements in our systems to fulfill our dream of improving the emergency response systems in Latin American countries. We want to bring what others can’t by providing specific needs that often are overlooked in short visits by other donors. Little by little we are watching this happen before our very eyes. Thank you all who participated and our supporters who made it possible. Without your hard work and confidence, we would not be able to achieve what we have so far.

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Rodney McDonald
Executive Director