ERSLA projects are designed with sustainability as a key element. To achieve this goal ERSLA focuses on three areas. Equipment Donations, Training, and Community Integration. Click below to find out more about our current projects.


Clean water is something we take for granted in the developed world. In Nicaragua, where water is often drawn from streams, springs and wells, purity can never be assured. As a consequence young children commonly suffer from water borne diseases caused by viruses, bacteria or protozoa, many of which are intestinal parasites. Once their immune systems have been weakened due to malnutrition they are subject to respiratory diseases like pneumonia and asthma. According to the World Health Organization, diarrheal disease is responsible for the deaths of 1.8 million people every year. It is estimated that 88% of these deaths are attributable to unsafe water supply, sanitation and hygiene, and are mostly concentrated in children in developing countries.

ERSLA.ORG facilitates the delivery of simple but effective water filters to Nicaraguan families at risk. For the price of a holiday gift, you can help prevent this needless suffering by providing water filters to one or more families in one of the most impoverished countries in the world. Local firefighters are teaming up with ERSLA to help identify the families most at risk and provide them with a water filtration system that will keep them safe and healthy. Simple, yet effective, these water filtration systems can eliminate up to 99.88% of water born disease agents. They filter enough water for the daily use of a typical family. The filter is produced in Nicaragua under the highest standards of quality control and can last for more than 5 years. Each $50.00 donation will purchase a ceramic water filter system for a needy family. The filters will be delivered to the families by local firefighters. In addition to delivering filters, the firemen map the GPS coordinates of each home, inspect wiring and provide safety education.


ERSLA focuses on three basic needs for sustainable emergency response services – equipment, training and community integration. We are constantly looking for retired or donated equipment that can begin a new life in Nicaragua. By utilizing the Denton program of the U.S. Air Force Reserves, the equipment is loaded and shipped free of charge to Nicaragua using USAF C-17’s.

This, of course, does not mean the program operates for free. Costs include soliciting, organizing, crating, storage, and transporting of equipment prior to being loaded on the aircraft. Hundreds of hours of time and labor are required for meetings and paperwork to balance the political and cultural concerns of the two countries.

The cost for this type of program generally runs between $2,000 and $3,000 per shipment. Consider becoming a sponsor, or contributing time for a shipment of equipment for a place in need.

Equipment is of limited value if the firefighters are not properly trained on how to use it. ERSLA is constantly looking for volunteers through our volunteer and internship programs, who would like to offer time to visit Nicaragua and make a difference. Volunteers can work in training firefighting skills, teaching first aid or CPR, or other areas custom designed to their personal interests. These volunteer vacations can last weeks, months or even a year or more.